Sound of Sirens

Current Members

Susan Nielsen - Time has only enriched this fine singer's distinctive vocal talent. As an entertainer, Susan has shared stages with Bob Hope, Merv Griffin, Dick Cavett, Alan Alda, John Madden, Bill Cosby, and other national stars. Susan was a featured soloist as a teen at many Bay Area venues and concerts and worked as a professional studio singer. In her 20's she began a successful acting career in film and television and as a voice-over artist. Susan is a member of Screen Actor's Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, and has now returned to her musical roots as a vocalist and composer.
Susan and Ken's most recent band was the well-loved Family Lines.     To email Susan, click here.

Ken Frankel - From classical to rock, string master Ken Frankel has been part of the California music scene since the 1960's, performing in bands with music notables such as Jerry Garcia, Richard Greene, Rick Shubb, Sandy Rothman, Robert Hunter, and Tom Constanten. While attending MIT as a graduate student, Ken formed the rock band Ill Wind , which became a New England phenomenon and a leader of the psychedelic music scene, recording with ABC Records. Ken has formed and been a member of many prestigious Bay Area groups including Westwind International Folk Ensemble, The Berkeley Mandolin Ensemble, and The Electric Guitar Quartet. Ken and Susan's most recent band was the well-loved Family Lines. Ken plays guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, and keyboards. To go to Ken's personal web site, click here. To email Ken, click here.

Scott Underwood has performed with various low-profile Bay Area music acts since the 1980s. In the last ten years, he has played electric and upright bass with such musicians as Annie Zesiger, Harry Gray, Mike Steed, Rick English, and Rik Elswit, and as a member of the alt-country-pop-rock sextet Acoustic Son. Scott's main website is work-focused: www.scottunder.com. He maintains a more culturally focused blog (books, music, movies, art, etc) at www.scottunder.com/culch/.

Olga Kapustina, our newest siren, is a songwriter / pianist / engineer currently living and working in the Bay Area. Hailing from Russia, Olga started out as a classical pianist. After she moved to the USA, Olga began working in a professional studio and has become a versatile ProTools & audio engineer. Olga has contributed to a wide variety of projects including Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Mark Foster (Foster The People), Diegos Umbrella, Quinn Deveaux, Cyndi Harvell, Kid Beyond, and Nickelodeon. She also writes and records her own music under the name Flair.

Previous Members

Kristina Ziese was classically trained for 10 years, sang in many popular bands in Seattle, and had moved to the Bay Area to become one of our "Sirens". Kristina was with the band from our beginning. Her duets with Susan gave Sound of Sirens its distinctive sound. Unfortunately, Kristina has now moved back to Washington, we assume permanently.

Greg Barnett has played hundreds of gigs in concert halls, dance halls, bars, theaters, and circus tents. Highlights include five seasons playing guitar, mandolin, and viola da gamba with the California Shakespeare Festival, two years as the guitarist touring North America and Europe with Cirque du Soleil's Dralion, recording original music with Plush Monkey, Rod Washington, by himself, and with Thompson and Barnett, and gigging with Bay Area acts Greg Dean, Mike Steed, Human Z, The Cheeseballs, Funkatrazz, Like Totally, Space Possum. Greg was raised on blues and rock in south Louisiana, spent the 80s studying classical guitar and early music in college, played in dance bands and Shakespeare productions in the 90s, and ran away with the circus in the 2000s. These days he likes to sing Broadway show tunes, play bass in kirtan bands, play fiddle tunes with Susan Shloss, and play guitar with Sound of Sirens. Greg's personal website is www.gregbarnett.net

Jared Karol is a wonderful roots finger-picker guitarist, specializing in rags and blues, but great at all acoustic styles. Jared discovered his mother's acoustic blues albums - Mississippi John Hurt, Taj Mahal, Hot Tuna - in high school, and his love and appreciation for roots music was born. In college in Santa Barbara he met good time blues guitar and harmonica duo Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan. He took up harmonica before eventually taking guitar lessons from Kenny. Much of his alternating bass ragtime and country blues playing can be traced back to those early lessons. In the early 2000's Jared was an integral part of the San Francisco singer/songwriter scene, alongside acts such as Austin Willacy, Carmaig DeForest, AJ Roach, Ted Silverman, Jeff Pehrson, Mario DeSio, and others. He has recorded five CDs of original music. Jared expanded his musical repertoire in the East Bay reggae band Flannel Canoe for five years.